What is a garage door sensor

Learning About Garage Door Sensors

You might have heard of a garage door sensor but you may not know exactly what it is so we’ll be discussing exactly what defines a garage door sensor and how they work. You probably know that to open your garage door, you’ll need a remote to activate the motorized trolley. But you probably don’t know that the only reason your garage door opens when you push the button on the remote is because of something known as a garage door sensor. You see, the system uses infrared signals which activate the electric motor in the garage door once you push the button. This causes the electric motor to activate a track-and-pulley system which enables your garage to open or close depending on the situation.

These particular sensors are placed on either side of the garage and positioned approximately six feet off the ground. You can tell if the sensors are malfunctioning by checking it to see if the light is blinking. If it does blink, that indicates a malfunction. This may be caused by an obstruction or something blocking the garage door. Some sensors also control any overhead garage lighting. And that’s everything you need to know about sensors. Call us now for garage door repair Castle Rock CO

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